Comarch ERP systems' speciality is production, sale, and implementation of modern management solutions for micro, small, medium, and large-sized enterprises. We are the leader on the ERP software market. Overconfidence? Let the facts speak for themselves!


Our advantages

  • We provide our services to over 210.000 thousand B2B clients, SMEs in all possible fields.
  • We offer modern applications such as e-commerce WMS, mobile applications, backup, or Business Intelligence, which constitute a value added to the wide spectrum of ERP systems.
  • Since 2007, we have been developing our cloud offer. Our cloud-computing solutions are used by over 120,000 businesses.
  • In 2014, we have launched Comarch ERP Community – Up to this day, its users have generated a few hundred ideas and even more questions and answers regarding Comarch solutions. Here, clients can really influence the development of our software.
  • According to IDC reports, we have been taking leading positions in rankings of Polish providers of IT systems for the SME market for years. In 2013, our Polish ERP market share was 14%. 


Our Clients 

We are certain that you also come across products and services we provide to our SME sector clients every day because there are more than 210 thousands of them. They include large companies for whom we provided turn-key projects, and medium and small-sized businesses from all possible sectors. We grow outside of Poland as well. You can find us in such countries as Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, or Norway.

Working with us gives you the opportunity to build and offer systems used by tens of thousands of businesses.


Who we looking for to our team? 

Comarch is not just programmers. If you want to improve in B2B Marketing, IT Consulting, or Implementations, join our sector. ERP will allow you to work on your passion and gain new knowledge on technology and skills in the field by working every day with interesting clients and running ambitious projects.

R&D is our middle name. We are constantly developing, which is possible not only due to financial investments, but also thanks to innovations by our employees. We follow global trends:


Continuous development of products, which allows us to make compact mobile applications: Comarch ERP Mobile BI, or, Modern technology investments we make – Internet of Things (, Social BI or Smart Analytics, Comprehensive Cloud offer – It is worth growing with us!