Services are one of seven sectors of activity at Comarch. Here we develop:

  • tools for large and small marketing campaigns (e.g. loyalty systems),
  • software for secure exchange of electronic documents,
  • tools for sales process management, mobile sales using smartphone applications,
  • corporate IT infrastructure management products (mainly Data Centre and IT Outsourcing).

The number of product areas and solutions we offer is related to our use of multiple technologies and methods for running projects, which provides great opportunity for development for our employees. 

In our sector, we travel a lot – if we want to. Our international projects provide the opportunity for travelling all around the world while carrying out projects and implementations for our clients.

When travelling, buying gas or other commodities, or even having a good Saturday evening with friends, you can come across products we designed for our clients. In our sector, you can work for recognisable brands from various business lines: Retail, FMCG, broadly understood transport and tourism, logistic, finance, telecommunications; some of which are the largest, global companies.


Our projects

-          Loyalty Management

-          ECM System

-          Electronic Data Interchange

-          e-Invoicing

-          ICT Solutions

-          Data Center Solutions