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Internet of Things

Ambitious projects and real impact on the final results.
A woman in a laboratory outfit builds an electrical device
What do we do?
Connected devices are everywhere - in factories and fields, on city streets and in remote villages. But without reliable connectivity, they are just devices. This is why we are developing The Internet of Things. The IoT is a mine of opportunities. Dynamically developing technologies make the Internet of Things applicable in many areas. Solutions developed by our teams are used in healthcare, the automotive sector (we have completed projects for Land Rover, Ford and Volkswagen), and even water supply companies. What's more, all projects are developed in our advanced IoT Plant laboratory. This allows you to observe and take part in the full process as we work on your project. The Internet of Things department works like a well-oiled machine. Every day is another challenge and another industry which, thanks to our solutions, can be improved.


  • Java

  • Python

  • JavaScript

  • HAProxy

  • Angular

  • RabbitMQ

A graph presenting the operation of the smart metering system
Our solutions
In 2017, we worked for our client ŠKODA to create and integrate Amazon Alexa voice into the car. Our goal and the needs of our customers were to integrate voice assistants into cars and allow car owners to communicate with their vehicles via remote access. This integration allowed car users to access a range of commands and vehicle requests from their own homes.

Our other solution is Smart Metering. This is a system that allows remote reading of water, electricity, gas and heating meters. Data are sent to the IoT cloud where, after analysis, an invoice is issued. Everything takes place outside the direct user’s location. Smart Metering is a solution that was entirely developed in Poland.

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