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Our Italy departments are located in two beautiful cities – Milan and Rome - and implement project for a lot of well-know companies. Working in Comarch Italy means joining an international and evolving work environment. We believe in teamwork and we support professional growth: people are one of our most competitive factors. We really enjoy spending time together in the office and outside of it, during integration meetings (sometimes just a normal one, sometimes an exciting rafting on the turbulent river).

Job offers in Milan

Meet our Milan team

  • Francesco

    Comarch gives me an opportunity to work with professionals from all over the world. Proud to be part of a team that successfully manages huge IT projects. Bringing the experience of an international company to our market is a great step in my career path.

  • Giorgio

    Comarch gave me an opportunity to manage important projects, locally and globally, and grow professionally. It's all possible thanks to our fantastic team. Sharing knowledge and mutual support is the key to success. Together we can face any challenge! 

  • Martina

    In Comarch, every day is a challenge. The company gives great opportunities for professional growth, and we achieve our goals with strong teamwork and international collaboration. We believe in the power of innovation and knowledge sharing.