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Check why we like working at Comarch!

International projects for well-known companies

We implement international projects for global brands, including BP, Carrefour, Orange or Heathrow Airport. We aim to keep up to date and work with the latest technologies. As a result, we really influence how the future will look. For example, we are developing a 5G network, producing innovative devices in the field of IoT, and creating smart city solutions.

A group of people listen to the trainer during the training, on the projector he shows the presentation
Personal development
We know the importance of personal development and improving qualifications. By working with us, you can choose between various career paths. You decide about the direction of your development. We offer our employees many specialist training opportunities in various fields.
Friendly atmosphere
Our employees' well-being and mutual relations are fundamental to us. We are on a first-name basis, working in a friendly atmosphere and in cosy rooms where everyone has their own desks. We also love spending time together outside work, so we often attend various integration meetings.
Hybrid work mode
Since we care for our employee's comfort, we offer you the possibility to work in a hybrid model - combining remote and stationary work. As a result, you can spend up to 60% of your working time carrying out your duties remotely.
Research and development
We use the latest scientific achievements to create the best solutions for our clients. We are a knowledge-based company experienced in producing innovative software and modern solutions. We have our own IoT lab and 14 data centers. Moreover, we invest around 15% of annual revenues in R&D.
Two women talk, and one of them shows something on the monitor
Stable employment
Comarch is one of the largest technology companies in Poland. We work for clients all over the world. Our market position has been stable for 30 years. We have all the required certificates proving the high quality of our products. We also take care of all security and confidentiality standards regarding our employees.
Three colleagues in the office talking and smiling
Respect and trust
Comarch is one of the largest technology companies with Polish roots. We work for clients all over the world and are now present on six continents, in 32 countries and 90 cities. Operating in this multicultural environment has taught us to respect and appreciate differences between cultures and people.
Always up to date
With you in mind, we have a unique internal portal that contains information from our worldwide departments about news, upcoming activities, competitions, event registration, and much more.