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A friendly atmosphere supports productivity

We want every employee to feel comfortable in work. That is why respect, trust
and kindness are crucial to us.

Professionalism and passion
You will work with specialists who are happy to share their knowledge. Despite being experts, they don't rest on their laurels, and are constantly raising their competences. Our team stands out for commitment to work, but also outside the office. Avid soccer fans, mountain climbers, cycling enthusiasts and butterfly growers are just some of the positive characters you'll meet at Comarch.

Meet us

We care about the development of our employees' skills, communication between team members, and about creating a safe working environment.

  • Niels

    My team at Comarch bundles more than 10 nationalities. Our diverse backgrounds help us to think outside of the box, come up with creative ideas and learn along the way.

  • Parida

    I never imagined myself to be so happy just going to work. I participate in projects, meet great people that are always there to help, travel the world – almost like a holiday-everyday!

  • Agnieszka

    My Comarch adventure begun right after college graduation. Although it has been a decade, it feels as it was yesterday as every day brings a new challenge & I continue to look forward to each day of this amazing journey.

Joint initiatives

Success means teamwork, which is why we participate outside the company too. We support foundations and local communities, and spend our free time actively.

As part of the Comarch team, you can help shape the development of your local community for the better. We organize charity collections and tree planting campaigns, and support various cultural events. Or maybe you like sport? That’s great, because we too – and we know that
it will help you take care of your health and deepen relations with your friends.