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Job profiles

We are IT company, hiring diversed specialists. Check out our vacancies for Implementation Consultant, Business Development Manager, Pre-sales Consultant and many more.
Take the challenge and apply!

The man sits at the computer and works with three monitors
Software Production & Development
Develop yourself in programming
In our projects, we use diverse technologies such as Java, JavaScript, C++, .NET and SQL. You can also work as 
a System Engineer, Database or DevOps Programmer. Your professional development will be dynamic thanks to our individualized career paths and rich training opportunities.
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Are you data lovers?
If you see solutions where others see numbers, join us, as 
a Business, Data or IT Systems Analyst. A strategic and tactical viewpoint and a deep sense of curiosity are among the characteristics we value the most. Depending on your experience and skills, you will handle various analytical tasks related to projects for our clients across the world.
Quality Assurance
Keep Calm. We have everything under control
We are proud that clients choose our IT solutions, which is why we are constantly striving to improve the software we produce to meet their needs. Our Quality Assurance Engineers carry out, analyze and maintain manual and/or automated software tests in line with the highest standards. They work closely with Developers and Project Managers to create the best solutions.
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Marketing & Design
Design the best marketing strategies
Do you have a head full of ideas? Are you hungry for aspiring projects? Wake up your creativity and check our offers for marketing specialists. For us, the most important is whether the product or service will be positively received by users. Take this challenge with us.
Sales & Consulting
Best answers to customer needs
Join us as a Sales Specialist or Business Development Consultant. Take part in the whole process of creating and selling our unique products. Comarch provides software for companies from many sectors, including banks, insurance agencies and brokerage houses. The sector portfolio consists of over 100 satisfied corporate customers in more than 32 countries, which we treat as our greatest achievement.
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Make sure everything fits your clients
We approach each of our clients individually, configuring and implementing our software to best meet their needs. Apply to us for the position of Implementation Consultant or IT Solutions Architect. You will suggest low-level solutions, analyze needs, and help adapt the IT system to customer requirements and profiles.
Be the best support for our clients
Create, analyse, test, and automate procedures to increase productivity while streamlining technical or service labour!
Two young women standing at the reception of the building
Develop yourself in a global brand
We are looking for people who will help to coordinate our journey – Recruitment Specialists, Lawyers, Financial Analysts, Network Security Engineers, Controllers, Logistics Specialists, and many more.
Four men in business clothes stand in an office building
Project and Team Management
Develop your leadership
We know that success depends heavily on efficient management. This is why we want to find best leaders to help us grow. Does your knowledge and experience go hand in hand with outstanding personal skills? Do you appreciate the value of communication as the key to good cooperation? We are looking for experienced people in project or team management.