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Summer IT internship

IT Internship at Comarch is a one of a kind venture. We offer you a unique chance to gain first work experience under the guidance of experienced IT professionals.
We are not planning the IT Iternship now. Stay tuned for more details.

Why should you join Comarch?

  • Salary

  • Five days of paid leave

  • Mentoring and supervision

  • Certificate of completion

Internship profiles

International employees

  • Olena

    Comarch is a place where you will be appreciated and you can develop your skills. You will find here a  friendly atmosphere, stable and confident position of the employment and also benefits!

  • Valentyn

    Comarch has very strong IT guys, so now IT is not a dream, but a field where I still have a lot to learn. But with these guys, it is super possible!

  • Denys

    A year ago, I was a man who was starting an IT adventure in Comarch. Now, I am a self-contained specialist who conducts product support in a large project.

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