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TOP 5 coding games to learn programming

Many of us would like to learn to program. Unfortunately, right from the start, a lot of people are discouraged because coding seems almost like black magic. Stacks of scripts, repositories, and publications effectively deter programming adepts, and some people, before reaching the stage where they begin to understand how to move in the IT industry, face "the wall". This can be frustrating and demotivating... What if there was an easier and more interesting way to acquire programming knowledge?

Luckily, there are some great games that can teach you how to code and are fun at the same time. So you have a 2 in 1, you can learn and improve your skills and at the same time have fun with it and have a nice time. Read our article to learn about the TOP 5 best games to learn programming we have prepared for you.

Gladiabots - AI combat arena

How about strategy?I think most of us at some moment in our lives have played strategy games, right? And what would happen if we combined strategy with programming? Sounds great, right? In Gladiabots robots fight against robots. However, you don't control them directly, you program their Artificial Intelligence and they fight on their own.  

In Gladiabots, you can choose to play with the computer without other players or in a so-called multiplayer mode with different modes and rankings, for which you can compete with your friends. 

Elevator Saga 

In Elevator Saga, you program a series of elevators to handle increasing loads of passengers. Through 19 challenges, you'll tweak your algorithm to minimize the time passengers have to wait to get from floor to floor.

This game will give you a lot of practice in JavaScript. It will also force you to be creative and experiment with optimization methods.


CodeCombat works well for both kids and adults. You can create a free account and learn the basics of programming. The custom code engine and interpreter is designed for beginners, teaching real Python, JavaScript, and C++ programming languages using human, beginner-friendly terms.


Codingame is a game-like web application where you solve puzzles and challenges by writing real code. Over 25 programming languages are supported, including Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Go, Rust, and more. Each puzzle or challenge has a theme (e.g., program a turret to shoot down aircraft that come too close), while playing the game, not only will you learn to code it will also make it a lot of fun. Nothing but learning and playing. 

CSS Diner

It is a simple, yet fun way to learn CSS for novice coders. There are 32 levels that will teach you the basics of the language. Each level of this fantastic and interesting coding game gets progressively more complex - like a real video game - building on what you learned in the previous lessons. By the end of CSS Diner, you will be an expert on CSS selectors.

If you like any of the games in particular, or you have other suggestions that will make the time spent learning programming more enjoyable, let us know in the comments. And if you do not have enough knowledge for today.

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