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#Musthave of every Business Development Manager

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Who is a Business Development Manager? In a nutshell - the person who struggle every day to coordinate and implement all processes related to creating the future of a company or its products. Check what exactly lies behind it, by learning the 5 skills that a good BDM must have!

1.       Communication & Collaboration

Business Development Manager actively cooperates with numerous company departments. That’s why they must have strong communication skills. Not only to get along with all the different stakeholders involved, but also to be a good representative of company to gain new clients. A good Business Development Manager should build relationships, manage conflicts, give advices. 

2.       Reliable Enthusiasm

"The best BDM is active in the area he loves. Presenting enthusiasm while speaking. Presenting and reliable background is the key point to maintain long term relationship with customers both in being their point of contact in case of needs and reliable person in case of their problem to be solved" - Simone Agazzi, our Business Development Manager in Comarch Italy, with more than 10 years of experience.

3.       Project Management

The best BDM are in some way also project managers. Setting goals, planning, calculating cannot be a black magic to them.

4.       Business Intelligence & Vision

Every Business Development Manager will agreed that knowing the services, products (all in all, the whole company’s profile) is essential at this position. A good market analysis which give the knowledge about the similar businesses in the sector is crucial as well.

"And do not forget about vision. A visionary BDM is the key point for innovation!" - Simone is also adding.

5.       Negotiation & Persuasion  

When contacting clients a good BDM should present the company/product in a very convincing way. Also good negotiation skills are needed to avoid argument and to achieve the best agreement.

And finally, a gold (and simple!) advice from our Business Development Manager:

"Remember -always ask questions instead of fantasizing… :)"

Are you have all of these skills or some of and would like to gain the rest? Check our job offers for Business Development Managers and become the best one in Comarch!

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