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Comarch internship 2022 in Poland

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An internship is just the beginning

Every year in Poland we organize a summer IT internship (the largest enterprise of its kind
in Europe) and a UX/UI internship. But we are not limited to one country - contact us, if you
want to apply for the internship in other countries, like France, Italy or Brazil. We give our participants the opportunity to enter the labor market and gain valuable experience!

The recruitment for an IT summer internship in Poland is closed.

Young trainees stand in the office with computers
The first step to a successful career
Get to know your development opportunities
Internships at Comarch are an opportunity to gain experience while working on real projects. Our programs give you the opportunity to cooperate with professionals, enthusiasts and people with similar interests.

Our interns

  • Yurii

    It was a great time at my Internship at Comarch. I met cool people and got valuable knowledge. It was very important for me because it was my first experience in the IT industry.

  • Andriy

    After the internship, I stayed in Comarch, and I can work, when I have free time from studying. The internship gave me a great opportunity to get my first experience of working in the IT industry and I learn a lot of new technologies.

  • Adriana

    After the internship, I was hired as a Systems Engineer. I stayed to work here because I have a flexible work schedule. Internship at Comarch allowed me to learn new modern technologies and loads more.

Why should you start your career with an internship at Comarch?

  • Great-work-atmosphere

    Great work atmosphere

  • Mentor-care

    Mentor care

  • Initial-training

    Initial training

  • Employment-offer-for-the-best

    Employment offer for the best