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Why did they choose to stay at Comarch? What projects did they work on? Get to know the impressions of five former interns

Meet Ania, Ola, Zosia, Artur and Bartek. Participants in our summer program's last editions are currently developing in junior positions. We ask them about their impressions of the internship to bring you closer to the interns' perspective.

Ania, currently a Junior Software Developer

Let's start with Ania, who finished an internship on a programming profile. She found out about her internship at Comarch from friends who were looking for their first job offers. She applied out of curiosity and wanted to gain her first professional experience. So, after successfully going through the recruitment and onboarding process, she started working.

What project did you work on and what technologies did you use?

I was making a program for the developers of a commercial project, something like a simplified back-office. I integrated with existing modules and downloaded data, which was then grouped and displayed in one place. I also dealt with integration tests written in Karate.
The main technology was Spring Boot - we did an internship project in it. Other technologies we use include react-admin framework, Karate, Postgres, Maven, Gradle, Git and IntelliJ as an IDE.

Why did you decide to stay at Comarch after the internship?

I liked the internship project. It was like real work, not only for interns, and it taught me a lot. Also, because our work was connected with a commercial project, I already knew what my work would look like, so it was easy for me to get used to it.

What would you say to people considering applying for an internship at Comarch?

It is worth a try. You will gain experience, and you will have an insight into working in a specific team, a trial period after which you can decide whether to continue working.

Ola, currently a Junior Web Developer

Ola also chose a programming profile. The IT internship was recommended to her by friends who had already participated in it. 

What technologies did you work with during the internship? What project did you implement?

I worked with frontend technologies, mainly the Angular framework. The project is EBOK 2.0. – Electronic Customer Service, which is used for communication between the service provider and the customer.

What do you remember well from your internship?

The most pleasant, I remember the opportunity to meet a great team, the sufficient time time to be introduced to the project and exciting tasks forfeited to my level.

Why did you decide to stay at Comarch after the internship?

I found myself very well in the company. The friendly atmosphere and the team that was always there to help encouraged me to continue cooperation.

Zosia, currently Junior Frontend Developer

Zosia earned her first experience as a programmer during her internship. First, she worked on a document search engine. Later, she joined a project where the team was creating a tool to facilitate work planning. She mainly used the Vue.js framework. Today it is mostly Angular.

Why did you decide to stay longer at Comarch?

I decided to stay because I enjoyed the internship. I have learned a lot, and I am developing in the way I dreamed of. I also got the opportunity to work 3/5 of the time, thanks to which I am able to harmonise work with my studies.

What would you say to people considering applying for an internship at Comarch?

Nowhere have I learned as much about the frontend as during the internship - so don't hesitate!

Artur, currently Junior DevOps

Artur, for a change, chose the System Engineer/ DevOps profile. As he says:

After years of education, I had theoretical knowledge gained from technical school and studies. However, I lacked practical knowledge that would be directly related to everyday work in IT. Due to my limited experience, I decided that the internship would allow me to develop this experience and open new career paths.

It worked. Artur passed the test, interview and joined the group of internship participants.

What technologies and tools did you use during the internship?

My tasks included the service and installation of tools for storing code, creating pipelines, monitoring and handling requests. These were GitLab, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus, VMWare and Jira.

What projects have you worked on?

I've dealt with many tasks, but the biggest one was developing scripts that allow developers to work more efficiently when running pipelines. It allowed me to understand Comarch's systems better, broaden my knowledge about the software development process.

What is your fondest memory of the internship?

I remember my colleagues the most. No matter what problem I was stuck on or what I needed to know. I could always rely on them. Being in such a team, makes it much easier to work and deal with future challenges.

Why did you decide to stay with us after the internship?

After being offered a job at the internship's end, I decided it would be a great opportunity to further self-improvement in the already known environment. I wouldn't have to look for a new job all over again. The flexible working hours allow me to harmonise work at Comarch with other activities.

Bartek, currently Junior Front-end Developer

We return to the programming profile. Bartek wanted to achieve experience in this specialisation and found an internship offer on LinkedIn. He is most satisfied that, together with other participants, they created a good team that carried out the entrusted tasks.

What project did you work on?

I worked with the React library on a web application where users can independently create their own layout for an online store. I'm still working on its development.

What would you say to people considering applying for an internship at Comarch?

Try it and see for yourself! You have nothing to lose and much valuable experience to reach. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to meet many interesting people from the IT world.

More detail you can find on our Polish website: here.

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