Here are some career stories of Comarch employees

Stanisław Zbroja

Kraków, Poland

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1995-1998 – Programmer, Analyst, Designer and Team Leader
1999 – Head of test section
2000 (January–March) – Coach
2000 (April–December) – Inventory Specialist, Implementation Assistance
2001 – Chief Designer
2002 – Project Manager
2002-2003 – Marketing and Product management Director
From 2004 – Senior Solution Manager

What does he have to say about working at Comarch?

Despite having worked almost 19 years at Comarch I'm still not bored by my job and actually find it fun although it's hard to believe. After so many years, nothing can surprise me. I've heard thousands of difficult questions from clients and I know what to say. This gives me great comfort and confidence and I can talk to clients, even the biggest players, without inhibition. Throughout these years, I have watched Comarch transform from a small 'student-run' business into an international corporation. Today I am satisfied to have contributed good deal to this development. Oh, nostalgia... 

Łukasz Wąsek

Munich, Germany 

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2008-2009 – Capital investment specialist, finances (Kraków, Poland)
2009-2011 – Strategy and analysis director (Kraków, Poland)
From 2012 – Comarch Germany CFO (Munich, Germany)
From 2013 – ERP Manager for DACH region (Munich, Germany)

What does he have to say about working at Comarch?

Comarch gives you a unique possibility for professional development in diverse areas and for bringing your own ideas to life.

Anna Popiołek

London, United Kingdom

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2011-2012 – Consultant (Business Solutions) at iReward24
2012-2013 – Senior Consultant (Business Solutions) at iReward24
2013 – Senior Implementation Consultant (Application Coach) at Business Unit CRM and Marketing
From 2014 – employed at Comarch UK ltd.

What does she have to say about working at Comarch?

For me, the greatest advantage of working at Comarch is the possibility to take part in international implementations, which lets me combine work with my passion, travelling.