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We specialize in the production of modern enterprise management solutions.
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What do we do?
Many businesses, including those in the clothing industry, football clubs and food outlets, use our ERP products. We support all types of businesses, whether they are small local entities or dominant market leaders. We aim to provide user-friendly solutions, which is why we offer the Comarch Cloud product to our clients. We offer the opportunity to store software and data in the cloud, making it much easier to run a business. We also offer advanced infrastructure maintenance and management services, as well as data processing for enormous volumes of data. Join our ERP team, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t get on board sooner.


  • SQL

  • .NET

  • Oracle

  • HTML5

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Our solutions
One of the examples of ERP system solutions is Comarch ERP Optima. It's the most popular software of its type in Poland, created for small and medium-sized companies from every industry. Modules dedicated to each business area make it the optimal ERP system to manage any company, and it is offered to clients in desktop and cloud models.

Cloud Solutions is another product offered by Comarch. This is dedicated to small, medium-sized, and large organizations from various industries. Cloud technologies increase the speed of data processing and streamline company management by creating backup copies of data in the cloud or, for example, handling e-bills.

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