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We specialize in the production of modern enterprise management solutions.

What do we do?
The clothing industry, football clubs, food stores – many brands use our ERP products. We support all kinds of enterprises, no matter whether they are local shops or the biggest players on the market. We want to create solutions that are as user-friendly as possible, which is why we offer our clients the Comarch Cloud product. We provide the ability to store software and data in the cloud, making running a business much simpler. We also provide advanced services in the field of infrastructure maintenance and management, as well as processing of large volumes of data. As a member of our ERP team, you’ll never get bored!


  • SQL

  • .NET

  • Oracle

  • HTML5

Our solutions
Cooperation and communication in a team are extremely important to us. As business as in soccer, we know that we have to work together for success – and in fact that’s why we began cooperation with one Polish soccer club. Now, fans of this team use Comarch ERP Optima software when using the club store. This system has also been implemented at a film school. The daily management of large enterprises has been simplified thanks to our solution, integrated with industry applications. With us, clients have a real impact on the development of our software, and we can simply adapt it to their needs.

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