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We are convinced that you already deal with products and services provided by our clients on a daily basis, as there are already over 210 000 of them.
A group of people sitting at desks in the operations center
What do we do?
While traveling, refueling, shopping or even spending a Saturday evening with friends, you may come into contact with products designed by us. We work for clients from various industries, including retail, FMCG, transport and tourism, logistics, finance and telecommunications, and cooperate with the largest global companies. We want our clients to be satisfied with the solutions we provide, which is why we are constantly on standby. Our Operations Center is the command center where our administrators keep an eye on each customer's network and all the devices connected to it.


  • C++


  • JavaScript

  • Angular

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Our solutions
We implement projects on a global scale in the services sector. One of them is a unique e-invoicing system. Our multilingual service desk and capacity to work with suppliers from all over the world ensure continuous electronic connection with all vendors and customers, in the cloud, from a single location.

Are you a fan of fresh coffee at any time of day or night? If so, you've certainly experienced another solution implemented by Comarch - Costa Coffee Club. It's a platform through which Costa's customers can collect loyalty points no matter where they make their purchase - in the café, from a vending machine or using the application.

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