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  • 3223 S Ellsworth Rd,
    Mesa, AZ 85212
  • Adres mailowy
  • tel: +48 12 646 1000
    fax: +48 12 646 1100

Comarch’s newly built, 32,000 North American Data Center is located at Ellsworth Road and Prairie Avenue in Mesa, Arizona, and is situated on three acres.

This state-of-the-art data center will host infrastructure and applications, support and maintenance, IT project delivery, business development, consulting services, and the delivery of mission-critical IT systems.

As Comarch’s first building in the United States, the data center will be Comarch’s flagship building in North America. Many technology-oriented companies have chosen Mesa as their new home. Comarch has worked closely with architects and engineers to ensure that our design is architecturally efficient and appealing while having as small a footprint as possible. The facility is equipped with some special features to host infrastructure, applications, support, and maintenance. Our data center will facilitate project delivery, business development, consulting services, and delivery of mission-critical IT systems. Our presence in Arizona will greatly contribute to the economic development of the Greater Phoenix area and it has been well received by clients across the United States. We are also pleased to announce that Mesa data center will provide services to our South American customers.

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