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Internship offer

Consulting / Sales Intern

Reference number: CSI/KRK/002

We develop software for the largest and most innovative telecommunications companies in the world. We work with Vodafone, Orange, British Telecom, KPN, LGU+ (South Korea), SCSK (Japan) and Viasat (USA). We provide solutions for managing millions of customers, invoice generation, complex telecommunications network management, service quality monitoring systems, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. All of this is done using the latest technology. The first implementation of 5G in the world? We were there with LGU+. IoT? We support top-class solution providers worldwide (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Japan). Artificial intelligence? Our solutions already incorporate these elements. We operate in incredible locations - from Europe to the Americas, from the Middle East to the Far East, including Japan, Korea, and Australia.


  • Higher education degree (preferably in IT, telecommunications, or economics)
  • Familiarity with telecommunications concepts and experience in the field
  • Proficiency in English due to daily direct contact with clients from around the world
  • Customer-oriented mindset
  • High self-discipline and personal work organization


  • Support in preparing offers
  • Participation in analysis and support in creating IT solution concepts for large projects in:
    •   BSS (customer service, pricing, and service billing),
    •   OSS (network management, planning, service delivery),
    •   FSM (field service and equipment management),
    •   IoT (management and billing of connectivity services for IoT devices, real-time session control, analytics)
  • Market analysis and research of available solutions
  • Presenting solutions within the company, opportunity to develop presentation skills
  • Collaboration with Sales, Consulting, and Marketing Departments 


  • Mentor care: implementation of an IT project under the supervision of specialist
  • Renumeration: we value your contribution to the project
  • Certificate of completion of the internship – you can include it in your CV
  • Flight organised and covered by the company
  • Accommodation