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We run R&D projects, combining new technologies with medicine, and we pay close attention to innovation. Our solutions make life easier for patients as well as medical staff.
The doctor is preparing the patient for X-ray
What do we do?
With us you can work on projects that improve and modernize healthcare and save lives. Being part of an e-health area gives you have the opportunity to work on innovative products for use in hospitals, private medical facilities, and nursing homes. We also run a number of projects in the field of remote medical care. One of the flagship projects of the Comarch Healthcare sector is the Center for Remote Medical Care – an e-care platform used for cardiology, obstetrics, senior care, and other health disciplines.


A life bracelet that allows you to monitor your vital functions
Our solutions
LifeWristband's preparation and implementation were the responsibility of our teams. Our personnel has numerous reasons to be proud of and satisfied with their work on this product. Every day, Comarch LifeWristband saves the lives of senior citizens throughout Poland by monitoring crucial health indicators such as heart rate and blood pressure and alerting emergency medical personnel if something goes wrong. Our other major project is Remote Clinic, which enables the provision of medical services outside of traditional healthcare establishments. Working in the Healthcare sector allows you to make a significant contribution to the quality of medical care.

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