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We run R&D projects, combining new technologies with medicine, and we pay close attention to innovation. Our solutions make life easier for patients as well as medical staff.

What do we do?
Have you ever thought about improvement and modernizing healthcare? With us you can put your ideas into practice. In the Healthcare team, you will have the opportunity to work on innovative products used by hospitals, private medical facilities nursing homes and more. One of the flagship projects of the Comarch Healthcare sector is the Center for Remote Medical Care – an e-Care platform used for cardiology, obstetrics, senior care and other health disciplines.


Our solutions
Our teams were responsible for the preparation and implementation of LifeWristband. Work on this product has brought our employees many reasons to be proud
and satisfied with their efforts. Every day, Comarch LifeWristband help seniors all over Poland, saving their lives by monitoring vital health signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, and alerting emergency care providers is something goes wrong. Our other major project is Remote Clinic, which enables the provision of medical services from outside traditional healthcare establishments. The solution does not replace traditional healthcare per se, but is
a complementary product that can help institutions broaden the range of health services offered without having to employ additional medical staff. By working in the Healthcare department, you are really improving the quality of medical services.

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