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Public administration

Help us create modern software for public and local government administration.
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What do we do?
We focus on IT solutions that help many public institutions, such as universities, hospitals, offices, and uniformed services, to run their daily operations. Working with us gives you the opportunity to develop innovative software that will be utilized by uniformed services, universities, airport teams, local communities, and individuals who need to manage formalities in an official department.


  • JavaScript

  • Oracle

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

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Our solutions
The Comarch Security Platform, a video-shortening program that supports Polish police, is one of the sector's most recent projects. This system employs deep learning algorithms and is based on authorial intelligent video analysis. License plate identification, traffic surveillance, and strange behavior detection are just a few of the features it has. Comarch Security Platform is also a tool that is used in the detection of cyber-crime. The system collects and processes data, and even analyzes video recordings in many languages. Learn also about other solutions created by Comarch, such as: Comarch Smart Parking which is software that helps drivers find a free parking space and manage parking, and Comarch Monitoring & Automation Platform, which serves as a tool for monitoring the infrastructure and configuration elements of a client's systems. 

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