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Business Solution Manager

Reference number: BSM/IT/1008495

As an IT-challenger on the Italian market we are looking for an entrepreneurial, dynamic, ambition  person who is able to take initiatives and create new business opportunities in Italy. If you  enjoy helping customers find solutions to complex problems and you are passionate about technology and innovation, join us as Business Solution Manager.


  • Master level in Economics, IT, Marketing, Business Administration, Management, Finance or Entrepreneurship
  • Fluent in Italian and in English (written and spoken)
  • Minimum +4 year experience in the banking sector
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Excellent verbal and written communication capabilities
  • Successful experience in leadership, negotiations, supervision and influencing others
  • Charismatic and optimistic in day-to-day work as well as patient, confident and determined


  • Identifying and managing customer’s needs in the banking area for such products as Corporate Banking, AML, Factoring, Wealth Management
  • Preparing and conducting presentations and product demos for Executives in the banking industry
  • Taking an active role in RFI/RFP processes and in contract negotiations, led by the sales team with additional support from legal department
  • Close cooperating with sales and marketing teams on a daily basis to generate leads, through meaningful b2b marketing campaigns and content generation
  • Participating in IT projects for Italian banking companies
  • Close cooperating with R&D team on adapting global IT product to clients’ local requirements and specifications


  • Private health insurance
  • Additional pension fund
  • Personal development - You can participate in a number of specialist trainings
  • Pioneer projects for the largest companies – We are working for clients all over the world, which lead us to open numerous foreign branches
  • Friendly atmosphere - We really enjoy our integration meetings, like board games evenings, marathons, city games, bowling
  • Stable employment – Comarch have been on the market for more than 25 years
  • Business trips – If you want to travel and visit our other departments
  • Small, cosy office – We all know each other and have their own place (lack of hot desks)