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Internship offer

Programming internship

Reference number: PI/2022
Krakow, Gdansk, Katowice, Lublin, Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw

Your development + software development = summer internship 2022 in Comarch!

If you are wondering what to do during the summer holidays, we have the answer! Our fully-paid programming internship has just started! It can be your plan for the summer– learning programming languages such as .NET, Java, JavaScript C++ and databases  (but that’s not all) with your mentor. Read about what a programming internship involves, what you will get…. and what’s possible after an internship.

Who can apply for a summer internship in Comarch?

We invite second-year (and higher) IT students or similar, who want to improve skills and start their journey in the IT industry. What is more - we expect knowledge of English at least at the B2 level. 

How does the internship look?

You work in a small group of people with your mentor, stationary in our offices in Poland. Your will use your three months of summer for practical learning from 4th July. This will include:

  • Creating software
  • Learning good practices concerning clean code and code review
  • Learning how to prepare development tests
  • Experiencing work with analysts, QA engineers, DevOps or UX designers at every step of building software
  • Programming new solutions, taking your code skills to a higher level… and more
What you will gain as our trainee?

  • Your first experience in IT
  • A mentor at your side and the posiibility to work with experienced people – you decide how much you want to learn
  • Money! Each trainee gets a salary
  • Five fully-paid days off – we value your engagement, but work is not everything
  • At the end  - a certificate confirming participation in the Comarch internship program
  • For the best – the possibility of employment in Comarch

If you invest your summer in an internship in Comarch and can show us that you are the best, you may be able to join our company and enjoy great work-life balance that connects your work with your studies. Deal?

How to apply?

Fill out our form - choose 2 technologies from which you want to take the test:

Java | .Net | C / C ++ | databases | web development (HTML-CSS-JavaScript) *

Remember! You have to apply until April 20 (23:59)!

*if you apply to the cities: Poznań and Warsaw - JAVA language test is obligatory. Choose 1 more technology.