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Internship offer

System engineer/ DevOps internship

Reference number: SED/2022
Krakow, Katowice, Lodz, Poznan, Warsaw
Become system engineer/DevOps at Comarch!

It’s 4th July 2022. Your exams are done, you’ve got three months of break from studies ahead of you. How can you use your holiday productively? You don’t have wonder if you completed your application for a summer internship in Comarch while your friends were thinking only about studying. Your tests are done, your interview with the hiring manager is behind you, and today you can start your internship in Comarch!

Who can apply for a summer internship in Comarch?

We invite second-year (and higher) IT students or similar, who want to improve their skills and start their journey in the IT industry. 

We seek people who:

  • Want to develop skills in the areas of design and maintanace of cloud solutions and cloud-native apps
  • Are interested in building tools to process multi-byte data sets
  • Want to understand DevOps issues, and dream about having the space to broaden their practical experience – all of which you can find with Comarch
  • Know English at least at B2 level
What will I do during the internship?

From 4th July, you will:

  • Learn the rules of maintaining and monitoring production environments
  • Discover how to automate installation and configuration in cloud environments (Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible and Terraform)
  • Select technologies from Apache Stark, Kafka, Hadoop, Flink, Airflow, MinIO, AWS Glue, Sagemaker, Java 11, Python, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes and Pentaho data integration to build pipelines and data engineering tools
  • Cooperate with the team responsible for building the CI/CD environment (testing, maintaining and implementing solutions)
  • Explore automation of the CI/CD process in PaaS cloud solutions

If all that sounds daunting, don’t worry! We don’t require you to know these technologies before your internship. With your mentor and our the best specialists you’ll have the option to learn some of them and use your three months of summer productively.

What will I gain from an internship at Comarch?

  • New knowledge, skills and experience gathered under the supervision of a mentor and an experienced team
  • Experience in working on projects that will not go to the drawer
  • Compensation for the internship
  • Up to 5 days of paid leave
  • Certificate confirming participation in the internship
You use the three summer months for intensive development, and after the internship you may get a permanent job at Comarch. Deal?