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Internship offer

Telecommunication internship

Reference number: TI/2021
Krakow, Katowice, Poznan, Wroclaw
Connect with Comarch in July 2022!

Are your studies just about theory? Perhaps they do include some practical experience, but not enough for you? For people like you, we offer our summer telecomunication internship in Comarch!

Who can apply for a summer internship in Comarch?

This internship is intended for students of telecomunications or similar field. Are you in your second year or an experienced student? You know English at least at B2 level and You are able to work during summer from our offices in Poland? If you’re passionate about telecommunication and want to understand the role of informatics in the telco industry, read our offer and become a Comarch trainee this year!

What are the tasks of trainees in the field of telecommunication?

Developing, that’s for sure!

Our plan for the internship is for interns to work together in small groups, with the support of a mentor, alongside the best specialists in the industry.

You will start with:

  • Developing with us products and software used by the biggest telecommunication operators in the world
  • Delving into Comarch solutions developed to manage telecommunication networks and service business and retail customers
  • Configuring networks – getting to know technologies such as GSM/UMTS/LTE, microwave, SDH/SONET, xWDM, ETH/IP/MPLS, SDN and NFV
  • Using modern IT tools, databases and programming languaes for implementation, development and maintaining systems in the telco industry
  • Shaping your analitical skills and gaining practical knowledge even beyond the scope of implementation specific solutions
What Comarch offers trainees:
  • Five free days – if someone told you that after studies there is only work, they didn’t know about us!
  • A salary (yes, these five days are also fully–paid)
  • Support from our employees – everyone had to start somewhere, right?
  • The possibility of permanent work after your internship. Avoid the stress of sending out resumes and attending interviews – as 80% of interns stayed with us last year.  We hope to offer you a job this year too
What is the recruitment process for an internship at Comarch?

You fill out the recruitment form. Now, right away, and certainly before 23:59 on April 20 - then we are closing it for the next 11 months, until next year's internship recruitment. And then:
  • You are waiting for our decision - you will get a message from us, regardless of whether we qualify you to the next stage
  • At the beginning of May, we invite you to test
  • Did you do well on your tests? Then wait for the information about the interview
  • And the most important stage - the decision! In June, we will find out if you will join Comarch at the beginning of July!
Excited? You know what to do!