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Our teams are working on solutions for the largest mobile operators around the world.
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What do we do?
Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), Vodafone, Orange… these are just some of the leading global telecommunications operators for whom we have implemented projects. We provide them with solutions to raise business efficiency, reduce costs, increase user satisfaction and create innovative services rapidly. The sky is the limit, and we plan to keep developing and raising the standard – which is why we also partnered with a prominent Korean operator to establish an innovative 5G network project


  • React.js

  • Scrum/Agile

  • Java


  • Axis

  • JPA 2.0

Ilustration showing the operation of the 5G network in the city
Our solutions
The systems we develop improve new generation telecommunications network management (4G/LTE, 5G) and planning (network and service inventory and network planning systems), launching and developing new innovative business sectors such as digital service management and M2M (machine to machine), service quality (service assurance or customer experience management) systems, launching new services and products and delivering them rapidly to the customer (service fulfillment); accounting for the costs of telecommunication and value-added services (billing systems), customer service enhancements and reduced costs (CRM and support for online customer service portals).

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