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Microsoft Azure training - why is it worth knowing one of the fastest growing cloud platforms?

The cloud is a place where more and more businesses are moving, and among the solutions offering virtualization, the cloud platform from Microsoft is gaining particular popularity. In the context of these changes, more and more companies are looking for specialists who can make the most of MS Azure. The fastest way to discover the cloud are professional courses. Regardless of whether you are just starting your adventure with the platform and want to learn the basics of project management, or whether you already have programming experience and are planning to develop your competences, you will find something for yourself in Comarch's training offer.

What is Microsoft Azure and what services does it offer?

In recent times, the only option for many companies was to build an internal, physical IT infrastructure in the form of servers. However, this is a very costly solution that requires human and financial resources. Meanwhile, the use of the cloud allows you to eliminate the problems with purchasing and maintaining your own data centers, and at the same time optimize costs and use, adapting them to changing business needs.

MS Azure is a cloud that enables everything mentioned in the above paragraph - creating servers and data warehouses, installing applications or creating computing services within one complete platform. Azure offers over 200 products and services for storing and processing data needed to run a business in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML), computing, containers, hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT).

MS Azure – facts and figures

  • The platform was founded in 2010, so it is over 10 years old.
  • Registration is free - users pay for using the platform's resources (the so-called flexible pay-per-use model). You don't have to buy equipment, which can be expensive, maintain and manage it. You get a platform that is ready to work almost immediately.
  • Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies already use MS Azure.
  • The cloud offers support for various programming languages.
  • Scalability - most services can be scalable, both upwards (i.e., e.g. increasing memory and processor power) and across (more installations
  • Microsoft has 200 Data Centers scattered all over the world.

Using MS Azure in practice

What are the practical applications of Microsoft Azure cloud platform? What can you use it for in your work? Azure enables you, for example, to create in a very flexible way server environments optimized for the needs of a specific business, which will be based on several different platforms. Microsoft’s cloud also allows you to write, test and host applications.

The key functionalities include the processing and analysis of collected data using AI and self-learning algorithms. In other words, using the MS Azure platform, you can implement some of the most needed and well-paid projects on the market at present. So, it's time to take a look at how you have a chance to develop your skills of working with the platform.

Azure courses from the offer of Comarch Training Center - how to choose the best one for yourself?

In Comarch Training Center you will find a MS Azure course suitable for you, regardless of whether you already have experience working with the platform. Below we present five training proposals arranged from basic to more advanced levels of difficulty:

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals 900T01A and 900T00A, Microsoft authorized training. Available in 2 options of 1-day or 2-day introductory training in cloud computing.
During the course you will learn: the differences between local and cloud processing models, the differences between "IaaS" (Infrastructure as a Service), "PaaS" (Platform as a Service) and "SaaS" (Software as a Service) models, advantages and limitations of cloud computing, basic work with the Azure platform in terms of subscription setup and account creation, as well as customizing the basic platform services to your needs.
For whom? Intended for a wide audience, both technical and non-technical, whose goal is to familiarize themselves with the cloud computing model based on the Microsoft Azure platform at a basic level. No preliminary requirements.
Level of difficulty: basic.

Azure DevOps. Project management and implementation from scratch. 2-day training offering introduction to the Azure DevOps platform. Its purpose is to familiarize training participants with the basic concepts and principles of DevOps and CI/CD.
During the course, you will learn to: efficiently implement Azure DevOps tools in your team, run a project in the selected methodology, automate tasks related to releasing product versions and understand the benefits and key principles of continuous delivery.
For whom? Recommended for IT professionals who have heard the term DevOps but need hands-on experience, or for project managers and product owners who want to better understand the CI/CD workflow used by development teams.
Level of difficulty: basic.

Azure Microservices for coders. The power of distributed systems. 3-day training in creating a system in microservice architecture, containerization tools and automation of the CI / CD process, as well as popular database solutions.
During the course you will learn to: create scalable and efficient systems in the cloud, manage the production process and automate the scaling of solutions.
For whom? Recommended for people who want to learn how to create scalable and efficient solutions based on the Azure cloud and microservices architecture. The training is intended for people with basic knowledge of the C# programming language.
Level of difficulty: intermediate.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator. A 4-day introductory training in resource management in Microsoft Azure. The key part of the course is an introduction to the implementation of network solutions, data warehouses, virtual machines and applications.
During the course you will learn to: manage users and user groups in Azure AD and manage a subscription within MS Azure, manage resources using the Azure Portal and Azure Cloud Shell, implement private and public IP addresses, network security groups and DNS, implement connections between virtual networks , Site-to-Site and Point-to-Site VPN connections, plan and implement the use of data warehouses, manage virtual machines and application services, as well as backups.
For whom? Intended for people who want to manage MS Azure resources. Basic knowledge of cloud technologies, virtualization and network issues is required, such as IP addressing, subnets, DNS, VPN connections.
Level of difficulty: intermediate.

Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft Azure DP-300T00. 4-day training in managing and maintaining SQL Server database infrastructure in a cloud, on-premise and hybrid environment.
During the course you will learn to: plan, implement and configure Azure SQL, monitor database performance and optimize databases and queries, as well as plan and implement High Availability solutions.
For whom? Recommended for database people, architects and coders. Experience in working and managing SQL Server and knowledge of Azure in the field of deployment and resource management are required.
Level of difficulty: intermediate.

Why should you complete Azure training at Comarch Training Center?

Comarch Training Center has been at the forefront of training providers for years - both with regard to IT and business services. Why is that? Each course is deeply analysed and verified in many respects. Participants' comments, opinions of representatives of companies that ordered the training, as well as reflections of trainers working at the Center on a daily basis are taken into account. The numbers don't lie. On average, more than 16,000 participants take part in training per year, and the average rating of the trainer conducting the course is 5.56/6. Additionally, over 95% of trainees are willing to participate in training with one of our specialists again.

Interested? Visit the website of Comarch Training Center offering MS Azure training, choose the best one for you and sign up today!

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