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  • 100A Allée Saint-Exupéry
    38330 Montbonnot
  • Adres mailowy
  • tel: +33 4 57 58 23 00

Our two departments in France implement projects for the largest companies from the region, like La Halle, Thiriet, Lyreco, Truffaut or Intersport, Auchan. Additionally, we are a big fans of sports, that’s why we take part in different sport activities and… even sponsors Lille OSC (football club in Lille)! 

Comarch France has two branches - in Lille and Grenoble.

Job offers in Grenoble

Meet our team

  • Aurore

    Comarch is a pragmatic company which provides meaningful work. International, innovative and challenging projects are managed efficiently in a supportive work environment where employees are empowered.

  • Frederic

    Working at Comarch R&D between Lille and HQ in Poland has the benefits of a small local company but also the advantages of being a part of a large group. The employees have certain career freedoms that are not found elsewhere.

  • Elise

    The reason I joined Comarch is the attractiveness of the assignments. But the reason I chose to stay is for the team listening, the understanding and the freedom to act.

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