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  • 17 rue Paul Langevin
    59260 Lezennes
  • E-mail address:
  • tel: +33 3 62 53 49 00
    fax: +33 9 55 24 46 94

As a publisher we offer a wide range of professions. From commerce to IT development, including infrastructure and marketing. Our departments in France implement projects for largest companies like Aubert, Ekosport, Irrijardin, Auchan, printemps, Aromazone, Intersport, Pmu...
The comarch Team meets regularly. We are a big fans of sports, that’s why we take part in different sport activities : badminton, futsal, running…Every year we participate in running competitions. We also like to get together for board game nights or barbecues.
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Comarch France has three branches - in Lille, Lyon, Cergy and Grenoble.

Job offers in Lille

Meet our team

  • Frederic

    Working at Comarch R&D between Lille and HQ in Poland has the benefits of a small local company but also the advantages of being a part of a large group. The employees have certain career freedoms that are not found elsewhere.

  • Elise

    The reason I joined Comarch is the attractiveness of the assignments. But the reason I chose to stay is for the team listening, the understanding and the freedom to act.

  • Aurore

    Comarch is a pragmatic company which provides meaningful work. International, innovative and challenging projects are managed efficiently in a supportive work environment where employees are empowered.