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A step towards the future. We develop intelligent technologies for interdevice communication

Smart home, easy content sharing between devices, activating car applications with a phone, wireless connectivity, applications and services in the cloud, software for mobile devices: we work with technologies that are at the development stage and those not yet available on the market. Everyone can find use for many of these technologies in everyday life.

We develop innovative technologies in such areas as:

  • Car-to-phone communication applications that can be used in cars connected to smartphones,
  • Connecting electronics to audio sets,
  • Wireless transfer of pictures, music, or video between multimedia devices using home Internet,
  • Specialised applications in the cloud.
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Internet of Things – we contribute to the revolution

‘Internet of Things’ is a revolution in connectivity and mobile and smart technologies, which is happening before our eyes and will soon change the lives of many of us. Comarch seeks to seize the chance this revolution brings. We have the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources such as own data centre to support the development of cloud-based digital services.

Comarch has created a cloud-based application for remote controlling of home lighting for an industry organisation, UPnP Forum. UPnP Forum is an international standardisation organisation that develops smart home technologies. The application will be used to promote the UPnP cloud based standard and Comarch is the first provider to create an application that conforms to this standard.

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Innovative healthcare: 24-hour patient care at home

We are aware of the importance of round-the-clock, reliable patient care, especially for the elderly. We are also aware of the value of patient comfort. That is why at Comarch we focus on an innovative solution dedicated for remote healthcare. Our approach is comprehensive: we provide both medical equipment and software for monitoring patient health status.

Remote healthcare spares the seniors the effort necessary to visit a doctor and improves the quality and accessibility of health care. With modern equipment, patients will be able to remotely send their health statuses directly to the specialists who supervise their treatment and who can respond to any problems correctly.