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  • Avenue de la Toison d'Or 67
    1060 Brussels
  • E-mail address:
  • tel: +32 2 535 55 00
    faks: +32 2 535 55 01

Comarch Benelux with his varied portfolio of products serves clients in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands. We focus on targeting three main type of customers: Financial Institutions (banks and insurance companies), Telecom operators, retailors/ companies from manufacturing and oil & gas industry. We are a team of 22 dynamic and entrepreneurial individuals working in Sales, Consultancy, Marketing and HR & Administration. Passionate travellers and foodies that also enjoy having fun together for drinks after work!

We have our offices in central Brussels and in a dynamic area of Rotterdam (Weena).

Job offers in Brussels

Meet our Benelux team

  • Emilie

    Joining Comarch has enabled me to open my work career to a complete new universe. Working in the IT industry allows us to be always on page in relation to all those innovations that spice our consumer behavior.

  • Artjoms

    My top reasons for joining Comarch Benelux were supportive management, cutting-edge technology and the steep learning curve.

  • Ksenia

    Working for Comarch means being the owner of your own success, adapting to a fast-paced business environment and continuously challenging yourself.